Tryna look sexy… BUT NOT TOO SEXY

I remember first opening my wardrobe after the fourth trimester (first 12 weeks with a newborn) and feeling overwhelmed with the notion of having to dress myself more appropriately for the outside world again. What do you mean I can’t wear slippers out?

It’s a slow progress, especially in a sleep-deprived state, but I’m happy to report that I’m currently at a comfortable pace in terms of edgy fashion drive. Sure, it’d be great if I could pull off a cami crop top, high-waisted shiny slacks, duster coat, heels and a 90s choker but for now, let’s just embrace the milestone of me no longer wearing harem pants 7 days a week. It’s a big flippin’ deal.

Anyway, so I’ve instituted a personal goal of wearing something purdy at least 2x a week (aim high, people) and showcasing it here.

In an effort to look cooler I try add a teensy bit of seks appeal but pegging it back with, say, an oversized top.


My fave kmart pocket T: it’s thin, it’s oversized cos I went a few sizes up and I throw it in the wash without fretting about whether it’s gonna end up warped.

Peek of lacey bralette (seksi, but not TOO SEKSI) and a delicate bar necklace by Hello Little Deer. Prada sunnies (stolen from the hubs) and hat is from H&M a few years back.

I love that it’s all a bit disheveled and worn-in looking, but balanced by the structured bag and steely sunnies.

Super comfortable, super casual but still tidy cos of the accessories. My fave outfits are the ones that look thrown on in a hurry, without too much fussiness. Don’t get me wrong, I still love me a good fussy outfit but it bothers me the whole time I’m wearing it and anytime I see anyone else in a fussy ensemble I think, “are you itchy? are you sweating profusely? are you purposely not making any sudden movements so that something doesn’t fall out?”  – which is totally fine and something I actually really admire (poise, man), but for baby-wrangling, I’m all for oversized and comfy and boob-safe-and-secure.


ASOS ripped shorts – they’re a tad short, but held back by the huge tshirt. See? Not tooo seksi 😉

And today’s BS (Bag & Shoes) was brought to you today by Chanel and Spurr … mixing high end with low end is no big over here.

It was awkard trying to pose for nobody. No pro photog to tell me, “now turn a lil that way… youve got a double chin can you just.. no.. yeah but don’t do the face… I don’t know it’s just your face no stop..”
“no stop can you not-“

Dets, top to bottom:

Hat: H&M / Similar here

Sunnies: Prada  / Similar here

Necklace: Hello Little Deer / Similar here

Tshirt: Kmart / Similar here / and here

Bag: Chanel / Similar here

Shorts: ASOS / Similar here

Sandals: Spurr / Similar here

Hope this gave you some inspiration to inject some SEKS APPEAL (sans double chin) into your wardrobe if you like that sort of thing. You don’t have to obviously. If you don’t ever suffer from that dowdy frumpy feeling I envy you. Share your secrets with me please!

Have a happy day guys, thanks for reading!

Annie, xoxo

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