Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

*EDIT: prices have been corrected here – Polyvore converts the price for some reason although they were input correctly in NZD…*


So… Valentine’s Day is just round the corner.

Whether your significant other knows exactly how to play it so you look cool and enviable to all your mates online, or you buy your own shit and pretend like your partner/imaginary-partner gives a toss about Instagram likes, here’s my last-minute gift guide for the upcoming Capitalist holiday (woah, settle down Grinchy).

(For some reason the links aren’t all indexed below like I thought they would be – click on the graphic and it’ll take you to Polyvore where you CAN click each individual item!)

For the Special Dude in your life

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - For Him

Club Monaco handkerchief
68 NZD –

White trousers

Blue socks

MiiR Daily Insulated Tumbler
28 NZD –

Wall Chart Map of Christchurch Father Rabbit
230 NZD –

Michael Kors Kent Nylon Pouch Set
88 NZD –

Tom Dixon The Bookworm Quill
23 NZD –


For your Special Missus/Yourself

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - For Her

Line Dot polka dot dress
115 NZD –

Repetto ballet flat
405 NZD –

Rebecca Minkoff heart charm
39 NZD –

Body cleanser
11 NZD –

Heart home decor
22 NZD –


For the Kiddos (if you’re extra like that) (go home, nobody likes that) (kidding) (or am I)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - For the Kids

T shirt
49.90 NZD –

Throw pillow
49.90 NZD –

Tocoto Vintage Star Print Baby Pants Grey
59.90 NZD –

Tiny Cottons Warm Ears Chapka

Thanks for reading! If you got any other suggestions, feel free to chime in! Go on! Show off how caring your partner is to me, I won’t be bitter. not. one. bit. *muscle spasm*

Annie, xoxo

P.S I’m just salty cos the hubs is anti-special-occasions all, “I should be able to get you flowers when I like, not when society tells me to!” (Why not do both, Sad Guy).

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