One Maxi to Rule Them All…

One maxi to find them,

One maxi to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 

No I’m just kidding. That was just my weird Lord-of-the-Rings-geek segue into this post cos I suck at smooth transitions (see: puberty). Actually, funnily enough, that fandom was a huge part of my awkward teen transition, too (hello Orlando Bloom awooooga).

ANYWAY… so now that I’ve been buying my own clothes for at least half my life, I’m only just starting to get a little tired of it. As in, I don’t like how things go out of style so quickly and needing to buy new things to feel like the wardrobe is fresh and ‘cool’ again…

So I’ve experimented a little today with one maxi dress and wearing it a few different ways in lieu of buying something new that’ll likely end up on TradeMe with the description, “BNWT, Worn Once.”

ASOS leopard print maxi dress

Here’s the dress: a simple printed strapless maxi I got a few years ago. I’m particularly fond of this one for the amount of fabric it has in the skirt – a lot of chain store maxi’s are straight up and down, but this one is A-line and very SWISHY~~ like it goes SWOOSH when you walk (you’ll see in a minute)…

It’s perfectly fine on it’s own, or paired with a leather jacket and heels for date night, or blazer and sneakers for lunch with the girls, but I’m looking at a more inventive approach today.

Carolina Herrera-Inspired



Ooh see that’s kinda nice and new… I’ve paired the dress a cropped crisp white shirt (say that 5x) and there’s a sort of ‘opposites attract’ thing going on here. The structured nature of a business shirt looks pretty cool with the swishy, crazier, boho nature of the dress, IMO. Add a statement necklace and some heels, and I reckon this would work on a date night.

If Jason Mraz Were a Girl


Eeeee Maui wanted to join in with the photoshoot and who am I to say ‘no’ to that fluffy cutey chubby squishy love crumpet awwwmagawwwwsh~
Just LOOK AT HIM eeeeeeeee~

So I wore this dress on my way home from the hospital after having Benji and I paired it with a cropped denim jacket at the time. Taking inspiration from there, I tried a denim shirt this time, tied at the waist. I think the key to wearing pieces that threaten to swamp your frame (petite frames in particular) is to define your shape – with a belt, cropped pieces or tying shirts at the waist.

I added my fave panama hat cos straw hats and denim shirts are like a match-made in coachella heaven. Or something like that. Speaking of which…

Imaginary Coachella in Canterbury

What is that arm doing. Just hangin there. Girrrrrrl friggin what. I’m a little teapot like seriously what is going on here.
Me looking so happy to walk this side to that side purposefully but actually not going anywhere but look at the skirt! SWISH!!
Karen Walker belt, Hello Little Deer amethyst pendant (on a Maison Scotch jewelry chain), YSL arty ring

For those that dig the bohemian vibe, this one might tickle your dream-catcher-feathered fancy. I paired the dress with an old kimono robe and belted it to define my waist. I layered on a couple more gold jewelry pieces and my wide brim straw hat.

Clashing Prints

From dress to skirt: I folded the top part of the dress down and tucked the front of the blouse into it, letting the back hang down
Pondering what life might be like if I had a butt
Pretending to walk somewhere Cool. Like over there.

This one is probably my favourite and was inspired by Blake Lively’s first pregnancy announcement a couple of years back. She has a knack for dressing a lot like her character on Gossip Girl and one of those style traits is print-clashing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure one print is significantly larger than the other: teeny polka-dots and bit fat stripes; teeny flowers and huge argyle. But most of all, be intentional – that goes for anything though. If you wear it and feel stupid, most likely you look like you did an oopsy. Life is short; wear crazy shit and be proud of it. Like me and my 5th form shiny white puffer moon boots. Hoooooooly shit I can’t even blame LotR for that.


Anyway. Hope that was fun and gave you some inspiration for transforming your maxi dress into something a little different and fresh, or you take the idea and do something similar for a different piece in your wardrobe? If you’ve got some cool ideas of your own, please let me know! 🙂

Have a great day,

Annie xoxo

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