Mum Uniform, Pt.1 – Bottoms

I’ve got lazy dressing down, folks. Turns out the magic formula is black, black and more black. Who knew? What a revelation.

Sarcasm aside, I just thought I’d share with you some of the staples in my ever-evolving and currently mum-life-appropriate wardrobe. I’ve gone from a dedicated Just Jeans Outlet girl, to an almost purely online shopper (naw who am I kidding, I love DressSmart forever). But still! This is a honed skill people! If such a thing existed, I’d have a PhD in sale-shopping. Just call me Doctor McCheapo.

Here’s my list of easily pairable (? it’s not a word?) items – they are the bread and butter of my wardrobe sandwich. Yummy.


Black leggings

I will fight you if you tell me I cannot wear them as pants. They are like pyjamas. I’m 1000% wearing them instead of ‘actual’ pants.

Pro tip: long over-sized tops are bffs with leggings, otherwise, if you have any belly bands leftover from preggo days, slap that over the lower lady lumps as a sort of micro mini. You’re welcome~

*EDIT: cos it’s bloody freezing and I happen to be wearing them today; I have thicker ribbed moto leggings for autumn and winter. Similar here.

Athleisure all the way!
Throw it on, out the door

Or you could try the leggings that have a mini skirt built over top. Mine are a cheap pair from Korea and you can buy similar off YesStyle or there are some branded versions on Shopbop.


They look pretty hungus on the hanger…
…But they’re pretty damn handy when I’m not digging a pants day.

Black jeggings/skinnies

They’re as versatile as the leggings but for when you gotta put in a lil more effort. Yeesh.

Plain black jeggings
3 weeks post partum and I wanted to dress up a lil but not go too crazy – jeggings sucked it all in and were comfy enough for all of 3 hours. These ones are just a cheapo pair from New Look (petite range, available on

‘Glam’ joggers

My fave. They’re like sweatpants but made of swishy material. This one just below with the side stripe is made of cupro, which is a man made fabric that looks and drapes like silk, is softer and not as garish as poly, and it launders better than silk. Like, talk about being MADE for lazy people. All the heart eyes. Some people get heart eyes for their babies. I get heart eyes for my trackpants. She’s my baby.

Kinda unassuming and boring on the rack and my shit photography does it absolutely no justice. But trust me when I say, it’s the bomb.


Pyjama dressing is a thing and I love it. Here the joggers are paired with a lavender silk blouse from Friend of Mine and simple flats.
These ASOS joggers are made of lyocell, brother of cupro. It’s another silky man made fabric that’s a lot more breathable and softer than poly.
Swishy silky joggers are my jam. The Soludos espadrilles are from ShopBop and the work out top is a cheapy from Kmart. The waterbottle is by Kor and the Furla micro purse is from ShopBop as well.
These Country Road ones are poly so they get a bit static-y (at least I can just throw em in the wash without another thought) but I still love em. Mainly cos they were only $25 from an outlet. But they’re smart, have pockets, have a relaxed slouchy fit and bet of all, they have an elastic waistband.
I can dress em up or down, depending on what I feel like. A blazer adds structure to the otherwise very slouchy silhouette.

Black trousers

For when you really gotta chuck in some effort. Ugh. But I still like mine slack and slightly drop-crotch to keep things edgy and rebellious (kidding: I meant comfortable). Like no, you will not make me go 100% formal. I might get to 95% but come hell or high water, I’m not bringin’ that crotch hem up another 5%.

These are a slightly different pair to the ones below; the shape’s exactly the same, this one just has sheer legs and a slightly shorter hem. They’re both from ASOS.
When I must put in more effort than I desire. Slouchy trousers to the rescue. These cigarette pants are from the ASOS Petite range – note how they’re still too big on me hahaha, but no matter, I like em oversized.


High waisted jeans

Tummy sucking in properties. It’s like built-in spanx. Need I say more.


These ASOS pair are my fave. I love the acid wash. Here they’re paired with a Witchery silk tank, Naf Naf blazer and ASOS snood.

Ripped jeans

Perfect for when the outfit’s a lil prissy and needs some sass. If you’re folding up the cuffs a bit, don’t fold it up in even chunks; fold it up half the distance you want it in the end, use a combo of rolling and scrunching to fold it the rest of the way up, leaving some of the hem visible, otherwise you get stumpy blocky-legs.

Stumpy and blocky vs. intentionally asymmetrical – the combo of rolling and scrunching makes it uneven, but tapered, and gives it a more effortless look overall.


4 years ago, when the same jeans were more in tact.
They’re falling apart now and I love em so.

Ripped shorts

Same as above, regarding the prissy-contrast (lol), and adds a bucket load of seks appeal too. My OneTeaspoon pair are a fairly recent purchase cos I randomly started freaking out that I wasn’t edgy enough. PROBLEM SOLVED.


Paired with a Witchery silk/cotton tank and white blazer.
They’re so short eeeeek. But I keep reaching for them. They’re dang cool.

That’s pretty much it. Those are my go-to’s for bottoms.


I’ll be covering the tops next – I split this topic up into 2 parts cos hot dang, I just can’t help myself and get all long-winded.

Stay tuned! It gets frickin exciting.

I’m totally kidding. It’s not really. Unless you’re a total fashion-phile like me and hyperventilate when it comes to wardrobe essentials. I get all crazy-nerd-like all, Where did you buy yours from? How much was it?? How does it wash?? How long have you had it for? Have you tried other brands?? I MUST KNOW!!!

*snort* ohohoho clothes get me all sorts of excited. Like take it all off baby~~ So I can read the fabric composition and care instructions. Ohhhhh yeah.

Annie, xoxo

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