Mum Uniform, Pt.2 – Tops

Excuse me – this has taken a while. And now it seems irrelevant cos the weather’s turning hah. Anywho. Just picking up right where we left off (for sake of completion) with the staples in my mum uniform wardrobe…


Silk/linen tank tops

Tank tops are a simple, somewhat boring shape, but having it in an interesting texture like silk (for a more posh vibe) or linen (for a more relaxed vibe), gives it that extra something. If I’m leaving the house and can’t be bothered to put in any effort, I chuck on one of these tank tops and a cardi/jacket on top. It’s minimal effort but looks quite polished.

Witchery brings out plain silk tank tops pretty much season after season; I wait for their sales and thus, my collection is where it is.

I have 2 of these in black, a striped one, red one and pink one all from Witchery
I just need to acquire a cream/white one (that’ll constantly be in the wash, let’s face it)
In Singapore. I don’t take a lot when I go away on holiday – normally the suitcase consists of easily pairable monochrome pieces. My silk Witchery tank top is guaranteed to make the cut.
They’re also handy for chucking over dresses – changes the look instantly (still in Singapore here)

Oversized Tshirts

Perfect with skinnies, tights and shorts. I tuck mine in the front a lil or tie a knot to give my frame a bit more definition.

Fave Kmart pocket T ($16 and this one is a few sizes bigger than what I normally wear for an oversized look). Excuse the contrast – you couldn’t really make out the pocket when it was darker.


Go up a few sizes for an off-the-shoulder look
Alexander Wang pocket tank – I’m waiting for the tshirt version to go on sale haha
I got it very recently but it’s been on repeat ever since

Plain long-sleeved T’s

In grey, white, black and stripes. Bonus points for pockets.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ll often see me post about my fave basics brands on ShopBop – Free People is one of those brands. They mainly do boho/Coachella-esque/cool-kids type stuff, but they’ve got some neat basics too. It often goes on sale and especially during one of ShopBop’s many Friends & Family sales, you can get stuff dirt cheap.

Free People gauzy long sleeve top (originally around $80, I got it during the F&F sale for less than $30)
Dance appropriate
Casual outing appropriate – I love how it’s a bit longer in the back
Blue Life stripe T, made in the USA (originally $90, got it on sale for $18 on ShopBop)
Such a 2012 way to edit photos hahahaha

Button ups

For when you wanna look a lil smart. This is my last resort cos honestly I hate button ups. I surprisingly own a lot of button ups though ahaha. But they’re really great for when you need to peg back your super skimpy short-shorts or look a bit smarter. They look cool half tucked in and cuffs rolled up roughly. If you like em oversized like I do, find a way to add some definition to your frame either through skinny jeans, a belt or even pointy stilettos.

Fave oversized silk button up blouse from Country Road (oversized cos I got it a few sizes up hah). Got it from DressSmart dirt cheap.
PTA meeting. I’ve belted myself to prepare for talks of bake sales and fundraising. Hahaha
But generally I prefer my shirts loose, baggy and boxy. Kind of a 90s androgynous look and I gravitate towards this button up more than any other prob cos it’s comfy 🙂


Drapey vest

Handy for layering some warmth or adding a little bit of interest to an otherwise plain outfit. Also great for when your outfit is lookin’ a lil… shall we say… hookerish. Chuck a vest on top. Sussed. It’s been pegged back a tad.

Marilyn Seyb vest I got for $40 (used to be $200). I love outlets. And it’s got pockets!
The vest grounds the look a bit
Drapey black vest. The front fabric has a slight shimmer to it and the back is sheer with a tie. I have worn this to death since I got it around 8 years ago.

Can you even really see it here? Lol well, its’ there. And it’s been paired with a black silk tank and sheer black pants. This was in Paris, 2012. My entire wardrobe for this 40 day trip was black, black, grey, white and more black!


Cos what else do you wear as a cover up when you don’t want to wear anything else? I own too many and in all shapes and sizes and colours… Currently, my Maison Scotch one is getting loads of wear for it’s metallic chunky-knit awesomeness. It has a sort of Serena van der Woodsen vibe in my eyes (xoxo fellow Gossip Girl fans!).

And yet another outlet purchase ($90 so still pricey, but the original price would’ve made your eyes water).
Current fave: metallic chunky knit
Another combo of staples: Country Road cardi, glam joggers and silk tank
Longer, boyfriend style cardi
Chunky drapey style cardi

Jersey blazer

I know it’s a little laughable (like either go full blazer or full hoodie – what’s with the half-assedness?), but it’s bloody comfortable. And it’s sort of smart. Don’t wear it to the office though. It’s good for coffee dates, looking smart on a plane, looking tidy whilst running a billion errands with 2 kids in tow… but for the evening, go for a regular blazer yeah?

A crazy printed version from Maison Scotch – another outlet purchase
Paired with a silk tank and cutoffs and a clingy koala
Esprit jersey blazer and yup, you guessed it, from DressSmart again.
Another day, another variation of the mum uniform: got the silk tank, the jersey blazer and black jeggings.


It’s like the blazer of rain coats. My current favourite is my tencil one (tencil is cousin of cupro and lyocell) in black from Shilla – I found it on NZSale for $30. I thrash this baby about. Looks kinda glam but it’s honestly like wearing a dressing gown. I repeat: IT’S LIKE WEARING A DRESSING GOWN. Mmmmmhm.


Striped linen tank top, leggings, jandals and trench. I typically look like this at kindy drop off. I confess I’ve even worn pjs under this trench to kindy hohoho~😎


Like the hoodie of rain coats. Aaaand it’s black again. I do have a brown one and a thick khaki one, but my black one goes with everything and I don’t have to think twice. If it’s cold and/or raining, this is my go-to.

$50 at DressSmart – do I ever buy anything NOT on sale? Hardly ever.
With a bright blouse, leggings and DKNY gumboots. I thrash these pieces like there’s no tomorrow. They’re comfy but I still look pulled together, even if I’m pulling pasta bits out of the baby’s hair.

That’s it!! Phew. Made it.

Summary of this post:


And I apparently I have a VIP pass or something to DressSmart. Out of the above, the only thing I paid full price for was the Kmart tshirt ackackackack. (Maybe I should do a post on how I shop? How I find a good deal? Hmm.)

Obviously, there’s tonnes more to the wardrobe but these are my staples. They’re the items I wear day in, day out and if you catch me by surprise while I’m out, I’m likely in a combo of these.

Have I missed anything that you swear by personally? I’m always game to try new styles. See: white puffy moon boots of 2003. 

Annie, xoxo


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