March Favourites

The first month of autumn has pretty much come and gone. And quite uncharacteristically, the chilly autumn weather burst through the door so suddenly and without warning… it wasn’t long ago that we had the fan on, the windows and doors wide open, or the AC on during some of those desperately sweltering, migraine-inducing, 30°+ days. I could’ve sworn in the past, our March’s have still been pretty nice??

Anyway. So to summarise my March 2017, here are some of my obsessions of late.

1. Eyebrow Tint

RiRe Luxe Gel Tatoo (lol… no spellcheck); $7.21, currently 60% off from Yesstyle; shade No.2 Grey Brown.

I got this to hopefully use when we go to Fiji in a couple of months – I don’t really wanna be filling in my brows every day and have it wash off in the pool.

I put aside an hour in the evening and apply the crazy dark and sticky gel, leave it for an hour, then peel. I take a bit of care to not scrub my brows or get it too soapy when I wash my face in the morning and night and it stays for a few days before it’s faded really noticeably 👌

At night when I got a spare hour I chuck it on and it’s perfectly subtle and natural-looking for the next few days. I tend to touch it up a lil by Day 3 and 4.

2. Macqueen gel eyeliner

Macqueen waterproof gel eyeliner, $4.55, currently 60% off from Yesstyle, shade French Latte

Wow. It’s almost like a NARS Satin Lip Pencil but an eyeliner version: goes on like butter but once it dries it’s reasonably stay-put. By the end of the day it’s defo a lil faded but compared to other eyeliners (or even eyeshadows) I’ve used in the past, this one doesn’t crease as much. How is this possible?? And the shade I bought is like a gilded chocolate brown. I’m obsessed. I’m buying one in every colour next time😅

The full set (5 colours) is only $22 and that’s def gonna be making it’s way into my cart next time 😆

3. NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt

This was a spur-of-the-moment purchase. Normally I wouldn’t pay full price for anything at Farmers since they do sales so often, but on a whim (and a serious case of FOMO – everyone’s been using some form of liquid lipstick these days), I got this one for $18.45. So. Expensive. But the silver lining is that I LOVE IT and I’ve been using it everyday. I don’t really like how sticky it feels when it first goes on but you do eventually kind of forget about it. It’s staying power is reasonable and of course, the application is easy, seeing that it’s liquid. Overall, I prefer the non-stickiness and slightly superior staying power of my NARS lip crayons (and it’s ‘high-end’ badge of honour), but this is a solid ‘drugstore’ liquid lipstick.

A dark pinky-nude – a touch cooler than my NARS lip pencil in Waimea (top right frame, l: NARS, r: NYX).

4. Lush African Paradise body conditioner

I’ve been using this since the peak of summer but I feel its benefits will be appreciated even more come the chilly season when harsh heatpumps, the wind and the cold in general, make the skin on my legs resemble a desert.

The idea is to use it after washing yourself like you would a hair conditioner, but for your body. You’re supposed to rinse it off but I like to turn the water off completely once I’m done in shower, then generously apply the conditioner all over my body. The water that’s already on my skin makes the conditioner go milky and translucent and eventually seems to sorta just get soaked in mostly. I dab off the rest with my towel. No need for moisturiser after and I smell saaaaah gooood and I can’t help but rub my legs together like a creepo cos my skin’s all silky soft!! It is defo hubby-approved 😉 Like his hand just flies off me like a rogue skateboard on a half pipe cos I’m so smooth 😎

Other shower faves, but the body conditioner is crown prince here.

5. Affogato at home

If I’m out at dinner, my dessert of choice is either creme brulee or affogato. (I can’t stomach the overly sweet chocolate pudding with cream after such a big dinner 😝 )

I’ve had my coffee machine for a few years now and it never occurred to me that I could easily make affogato’s at home for some reason. Til husband one night was like ‘I wonder how many cal’s in a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream…’ (cos he’s on a less-than-2000cal-a-day diet) and I was like, ‘Boo, boring, how we can make it nicer-‘

* lightbulb on *

So, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 square of Lindt milk chocolate (shaved and remainder as decoration), espresso shot poured on top… heaven. It’s like iced coffee; what’s not to love??


6. Bruno Mars, 24K Magic

Holy shit. MJ lives on. Serious 80s and early 90s vibes all throughout this album and I LOVE IT. OBSESSED.

Nate hates that it’s not the Wiggles but is starting to get fond of Straight Up and Down for the echos in the chorus (‘straight up~ straight up~’) 😆😂 And yes, I know the lyrics aren’t kiddie-appropriate, but you can’t tell me you understood ‘Wannabe’ when you were little hawhawhaw…

6. Live-action Beauty and the Beast

Eeeeeeeeeeek. That was my reaction (x100) when I found out they were making the movie. Finally, it’s almost here. I’m away when they start screening it here but I’ve pencilled in a girls’ night and we watching this. I mean come on. Hermione? Playing book-worm Belle?? It’s almost too perfect. Though, I did see a few trailers (by ‘a few,’ I mean ALL) and I wasn’t too impressed with her singing… seems they cast her cos… well, she’s Hermione, right? Everyone else holds their own regarding singing chops… and is it just me or does Gaston seem WAAAY too old for Belle? Is it cos Hermione has baby-face? Should I call her by her actual name? (No.)

SO ready.

What are some favourites for you lately? Anything new you’ve discovered that’s worthy of sharing? Even if you don’t think it’s worthy, share away! ‘Sharing is caring,’ as I tell my 4 year old 😀

Happy autumn, friends!

Annie, xoxo


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