Kids Kitchen

I’d been meaning to write about this kitchen hack I did as Nate’s birthday present ages ago but I kept losing parts and therefore putting it off. If you’re a mother you know it’s basically impossible to keep all the parts of a toy together for an extended period of time. Unless you’re one of those ziplock-bag-and-labelled types… in that case, I am sorry for being unworthy of your presence cos I’ve lost pots and pans and spoons and the batteries ran out in that time…

I’m carrying on nevertheless, otherwise I’ll never post this. Or something’s gonna break. Here we go.


So this is the IKEA Duktig I got from TradeMe – there’s a bunch of IKEA sellers on there. The one I got, the seller was selling this kitchen set the cheapest at the time AND it included shipping ($280 at the time). And yep, I’m well aware it’s only USD$99 in the States. We may as well be on the moon for how much we pay to get stuff shipped here.

Anywho. I chose this lil baby over other toy kitchens I had seen cos HELLO LIGHT UP ELEMENTS. All the heart eyes, am I right?


I did consider spraypainting the whole thing white, adding white subway tiles, spraypainting the hardware gold and covering the benchtop with either marble or wood duraseal, but Benji’s at a chompy age… nothing is safe. He would eat the hardware/paint I’m sure of it.

So regrettably letting go of that daydream, I settled for a simple tweak of just adding a tiled splashback and push lights.

I got the lights from Bunnings (3 pack for $9.95, comes with batteries). They’re slightly triangular in shape so I angled the lights so that a flatter side faced outwards (so you can’t really tell they’re triangular from the front). They just stick on and you press them to turn them on or off.


I got the tiles from Mitre10 Mega (linked to different coloured version) – they’re actually just stick on tiles. I’m rubbing my eyes in disbelief at the moment cos I paid $33 for a pack of 4… it currently says it’s only $14.88 for a pack? Maybe there’s limited colours available… back when I bought these they had these grey mosaic tiles, white subway tiles, silvery subway tiles and a couple more colours for this mosaic style.

Anyway, I bought some cheap board, cut it to size, then methodically stuck on the tiles. I had to use all 4 – 3 for the bulk of it, the last one for scraps to fill in the bottom.


Then I just staple-gunned the whole thing to the back of the kitchen.

The silver kitchenware set (pots/pans/utensils) were from Mighty Ape – the kids have misplaced one of the pans. All the utensils minus the mini whisk (kmart) and the wooden items were part of the set.

The lil silver flour cannister and creamer were from a local Japanese dollar store. The marble coaster is part of a set from Kmart. The lil egg cup and salt shaker were part of a wooden breakfast set on clearance from The Warehouse but I’ve since seen it sold at Nood. The lil plant in faux stone square pot (it’s some soft squidgy material) was from Bed Bath ‘n’ Table.


The coffee set is actually part of Fisherprice’s new-ish wooden range – I’ve only ever seen it in one Toy World, ages ago, but I’ve seen NZsale stock it on their website several times – just gotta keep an eye out.

Enter a caption


The mini wooden fruit set is from Kmart (the basket and silver tray is from the dollar store).

The linen napkin (used as a tea towel here) was actually something I found in a quaint little linen shop in a wee corner of Avignon. I’m so fond of it and the memories tied to it. I bought 6 of them and considered bringing home a table cloth and some curtains as well but Wayne was like LOL NO.


It’s hard to find non-flowery, non-pink tea or dinnerware sets for kids, so I settled on this very breakable but at least, plain, ceramic tea set from Kmart. It’s plain cos it’s one of those paint-your-own tea sets (comes with 4 sets of cups and saucers – the other 2 are in storage in case these ones are broken hahaha).


The little frame is from Bed Bath ‘n’ Table. The faux succulent was from a dollar store. The boys cologne was bought for Nate by a dear friend and it’s from Zara – it smells amazing.


I bought some stick on mini hooks from the dollar store and put a hook on either side of the kitchen. This side has a baby calendar so Nate sort of gets an idea of what’s going on. For the other side I had intended on sewing him his own lil linen apron but I haven’t got round to it yet.

That’s it! Phew. I’m so glad this is over with hahaha. Now I can lose utensils and break the lights in peace.

Annie, xoxo



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